Ecophon International Acousticians Seminar 2011

I had the opportunity to present on Lauren Ronsse’s PhD research at the Ecophon International Acousticians’ Seminar 2011 in Sweden, September 20-23, 2011.  It was great to network with acousticians from around the world, particularly those in Scandinavia.  I learned alot about how open plan offices are DIFFERENT in Europe, and how classroom acoustics standards and conditions vary across countries as well.  We toured an open-plan school in Hellerup, Denmark, while school was in session.  It was very … CRAZY!  Hardly any walls at all!  Check it out at these links: ,

All in all, I found the conference very inspiring … and fun!  Here’s a scene from a choir competition one afternoon: Team 2’s performance of a Beach Boy classic (can you name any of the assorted acousticians?)

Team 2 at the EIAS 2011 Choir Competition

Team 2 at the EIAS 2011 Choir Competition

Check out the September 28-29, 2011, postings of the Ecophon Acoustic Bulletin, for interviews with assorted participants.  And here’s a photo from the conference of me, our NAG alum Dr. Erica Ryherd (now a faculty member at Georgia Tech), and Erica’s postdoc advisor, Prof. Kerstin Persson Waye (Gothenburg University, Sweden).

Prof. Kerstin Persson Waye (Gothenburg University), Dr. Erica Ryherd (Georgia Tech), and myself at the EIAS 2011 conference facility in Bastad, Sweden

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Dr. Lily Wang is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Architectural Engineering Program in the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
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