Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Vigeant!

We are so proud of our alum, Dr. Michelle Vigeant, who recently received a prestigious NSF CAREER Award for her project “Importance of Late-Sound-Field Properties and Listener Envelopment to Room Acoustic Quality and Design”!  This $422,814 award will allow her to travel to nine different concert halls across the US and Europe … oh, we so want to come with you, Michelle!

Michelle is currently an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Hartford.  Click here for the University of Hartford news release.

(Now I don’t know how many of you out there are keeping count, but that’s now TWO of our alums who have received the CAREER award!  YAHOOEY!)

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2 Responses to Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Vigeant!

  1. Congratulations Michelle!
    I’ll be very interested in how LEV gets measured. Nice work NAG!

  2. David Bradley says:

    Keep ’em coming! I’m pretty sure that the per capita density of NAG member CAREER awards is higher than any other lab in the country!

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