NAG Meeting 2-8-12

Andrew Hathaway led the discussion at this NAG meeting, discussing the Vienna Musikvereinsaal and his recent visit to this facility over the winter break 2011. The hall is truly stunning visually, and Andrew felt that it deserved its reputation as being one of the best concert halls in the world. The nugget of the week was on “Translating Brain Waves to Reconstruct Sounds and Conversations You’ve Heard”.  I always thought it would be so cool to hear other people’s thoughts, just like Sookie Stackhouse does in the Charlaine Harris book series! Seems like we may be hop, skip and a jump away from that …

In other news, we’re in the midst of planning a University of Nebraska ASA student chapter trip to visit the new Kaufmann Center in Kansas City (acoustic design by Nagata) at the end of March, to hear Bronfman play Bartok, plus Mozart’s Jupiter. Bob Coffeen’s group from the University of Kansas will be joining us for that trip. We are all looking forward to it!

Also, the University of Nebraska is proud to be hosting the national Architectural Engineering Institute student conference, April 19-21, 2012. It will be fun to tour the new T.D. Ameritrade park in Omaha, since we haven’t had a chance to do a behind-the-scenes tour of that facility yet. We invite all AE students around the country to join us for this national event!

About Lily Wang

Dr. Lily Wang is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Architectural Engineering Program in the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
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