NAG Meeting 2-22-12

Happy National Engineers Week!

During today’s NAG meeting, we learned about the hot topic of acoustic metamaterials, as introduced by Matt Blevins.  If developed into building partitions, these materials may have the ability to provide significant low frequency transmission loss without being overly massive.  Many of the upcoming professional society meetings have special sessions dedicated to this topic, and we at Nebraska are certainly interested in keeping abreast of the developments.

Two acoustic nuggets this week: it was especially fitting that the Google Doodle today was in honor of Heinrich Hertz’s 155th birthday (shared by Eric Powell).  Dr. Lau also shared a link he found on the iPad webpages about using iPad for the design of performing arts facilities, as done by Theatre Consultants Collaborative – we all wondered about the quality of the iPad microphone, though, for Type I measurements…?


About Lily Wang

Dr. Lily Wang is Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of the Architectural Engineering Program in the Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.
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