NAG Meeting 01-16-13

Welcome to the new year!  Sadly, we have not been keeping up with our blog posts … so it’s time to play catch-up now.

Each semester, our NAG group takes acoustic measurements of a local space to add to our growing database of room acoustic measurements.  At the first NAG meeting of 2013, Devin Wong presented on the Fall 2012 measurements of the Joslyn Art Museum atrium in Omaha, Nebraska.  The reverberation time in that space is a whopping 5.1 seconds at the mid-frequencies!  Yet it’s still a popularly used space for weddings, social events, etc…

We also heard about Andrew Hathaway’s visit to Lucerne Concert Hall in Switzerland over the winter break.  And the Acoustic Nugget of the week was on the IgNobel Prize in Acoustics, awarded to Japanese researchers who developed the SpeechJammer.

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