Scott Pfeiffer presents on “Modern HVAC Systems and Low Noise in Performing Arts Spaces”

UNASA was pleased to host Scott Pfeiffer of Threshold Acoustics on February 28, 2013, for a presentation on “Modern HVAC Systems and Low Noise in Performing Arts Spaces”.  Scott’s presentation discussed how acoustic considerations have changed through history, first by having to be concerned with simply achieving quiet, then additionally occupant comfort, and most recently reducing energy consumption.  It was interesting to hear how displacement ventilation may not be as energy-efficient a system as desired, and how to incorporate more energy-efficient variable air volume (VAV) systems into low noise spaces.  Scott also shared data on how well his firm’s predictions of mechanical system noise matched those later measured in the space; discrepancies averaging around 5 dB were commonly found in varying frequency bands.  Many thanks to Scott for his very informative seminar!

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