Electroacoustics class tours St. Cecilia’s Cathedral

IMG_0298On Monday, April 8, the Electroacoustics class had the opportunity to tour St. Cecilia’s Cathedral and hear the new electroacoustic reinforcement system, hosted by Midwest Sound and Lighting Tim Burkhart.  The cathedral has a 6.5 second reverberation time, which makes speech intelligibility difficult in the large space.  Previously the church had a pew-bottom sound system, but this has recently been replaced with two high-end highly directional line array speakers.  Hearing the difference between (a) no electroacoustic reinforcement, (b) the pew-bottom speaker system, and (c) the line-array system in the historic space was a wonderful experience as the improvement in speech intelligibility was very audible with the newest installation.  Many thanks to Tim and his colleague, Gary!

Can you spot the line arrays?

Can you spot the line arrays?

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