NAG meeting 09-04-13

Our first NAG meeting of the 2013-14 academic year!  It was great to welcome back all of our returning students, many of whom had great summer acoustic experiences: Montreal ICA, Toronto ISRA, Denver ASHRAE, and consulting internships with Veneklasen Associates, Henderson Engineers, and other companies.  At each NAG meeting, we share some recent item in the news on acoustics, as an ‘Acoustic Nugget’… this meeting’s nugget featured research on how sound waves can not only levitate but now also MOVE objects.  Check out the article with video republished in Scientific American (and thanks to Carl Hart for sharing this with us)!  Also, check out the tweets on how acoustics impacts their real world from this fall’s AE 3300 “Building Acoustic Fundamentals” class, with hashtag #AE3300.  These students are off to a great start…

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