NAG meeting 09-18-13

Time to catch up!  At this NAG meeting, Ellen Peng and Joonhee Lee presented on recent measurements made in our ‘new’ acoustic test lab, room 131 in the Peter Kiewit Institute, using the B&K Pulse system.  We also discussed two recent acoustic news items: (1) the Seattle Seahawks fans at CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, breaking the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest stadium (136.6 dBA … which we learned from our friends at SSA Acoustics (who took the measurement) was a dBA PEAK reading, taken at a distance of 2.5 m from the riled-up crowd – soooo, not as dangerous on one’s ears as might be imagined); and (2) a transparent gel-based loudspeaker, using ionic conductors… check out this video!

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