NAG meeting 10-16-13

At this meeting, we recounted the numerous times that acoustics was mentioned at the recent ‘Building the 22nd Century’ Conference, hosted by the UNL College of Engineering in Omaha, NE.  Many of us particularly enjoyed Ray Kurzweil’s keynote lecture from the conference.  Also, we were interested to learn that a NEW stadium noise record had been set by the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium … a clear shot of the Larson Davis sound level meter is shown in the article, indicating again that the noise level being widely reported in the news was a dBA PEAK reading (and widely misinterpreted as being as loud as a jet engine!!)  The featured student presenter this week was Devin Wong, discussing the MS research he’s conducting on the impact of high performance school buildings in California on student achievement.  Is there a significant correlations between building high performance schools and improved student achievement?  Stay tuned to our research group to find out… !

Target Toy Aisle


AE 3300 undergraduates continue to do a great job, tweeting about the importance of building acoustics in their every day life experiences … this tweet in particular made my day!!

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