NAG meetings 2-24-14 and 3-17-14

At these mid-semester NAG meetings, we discussed the interesting visits from Dr. Michelle Vigeant’s research group at Penn State, as well as those of interviewing faculty candidates.  The acoustic nuggets that were reviewed included this one on how voice voting can be dominated by single loud voices, and the latest on a 3D acoustic cloaking device.  Joonhee Lee made a presentation on his Independent Study project this semester, concerning the definitions and methods of measurement for diffuseness in rooms.  And we enjoyed the semesterly visit by Scott Pfeiffer (Threshold Acoustics), who is a member of the UNL Architectural Engineering Industry Advisory Board – Scott participated in the first Architectural Engineering ‘Options’ Conference and did a great job describing an acoustical consulting career to groups of younger underclassmen (many thanks to Scott for his participation!!)

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