NAG Meetings 4-7-14 and 4-28-14

Ellen Peng gave an update on her speech comprehension research at our April 7th NAG meeting.  The acoustic nugget highlighted at this meeting was about how scientists at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories are recreating the earliest sound recordings.  Then at our April 28th NAG meeting, Brenna Boyd presented a review of acoustic measurements recently made in sports stadiums.  Brenna is planning to do her own study of noise levels generated at hockey games in Omaha’s Century Link Stadium next year, supported by a UNL UCARE grant.  Also at this last NAG meeting of the year, Laura Brill (an undergrad from Nebraska Wesleyan University) presented on her senior physics project involving measurements and acoustic modeling of a campus auditorium; many thanks to NAG member Matt Blevins who mentored Laura on this project this past year!  The acoustic nugget at this meeting was something that NPR posted: what does sound look like?  We’re looking forward to seeing many of our friends at the upcoming ASA meeting in Providence; four of our members are presenting papers.  NAG Game Night is on for Tuesday evening, after the TCAA meeting.  The game du jour is planned to be:  Superfight!  We think there may be a Karaoke place nearby too (for Thursday evening activity… stay tuned!)

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