NAG Meetings 4-8-15 and 4-22-15

The NAG meeting on 4-8-15 featured sophomore Brenna Boyd who presented on her UCARE-sponsored research project involving noise measurements at UNO hockey games played at the Century Link Center in Omaha this past year.  Next year the UNO hockey team will be playing at the soon-to-be open UNO arena … it will be interesting to see how the noise levels compare between the two facilities!  The acoustic nuggets that were highlighted included a New York Times article on metamaterials and a Washington Post article on how GMU students created a device that puts out fires using low frequency noise.  Madeline Davidson spoke at the 4-22-15 NAG meeting, about research she’ll be presenting at the upcoming ASA Pittsburgh meeting on time-varying directional characteristics of musical instruments.  Two additional acoustic nuggets were shared: one on another student project (this time from Rice University) that is helping deaf people to hear; and the other on designing more miniature directional microphones for hearing aids.  We had a special guest at the 4-22-15 NAG meeting … check out the next posting for more details!

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