NAG Meetings 10-7-15 and 10-21-15

At the 10-7-15 NAG meeting, Laura Brill and Brenna Boyd presented on the ongoing work related to the EPA Healthy Schools Project.  Two ‘acoustic nuggets’ were shared, including a favorite Boomwhackers Prelude performance and information on a new VenueDB app. Two more ‘acoustic nuggets’ were reviewed at the 10-21-15 NAG meeting: a Guinness record for the quietest anechoic chamber at Microsoft lab, and this cool video demonstrating different room acoustic effects on the same song.  Jon Weber previewed his presentation on his MS research from Georgia Tech on “Measuring Quiet Time in Neonatal Intensive Care Units”, which he will be presenting  at the upcoming Acoustical Society of America meeting in Jacksonville, FL.  Five other NAG students will be making presentations at this ASA meeting; we look forward to seeing many of our acoustic friends there!

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