NAG Meetings 3-16-16 and 4-13-16

At the March NAG meeting, 360-degree video technology was pervasive as we previewed the new 360 recruitment video for our Architectural Engineering program, and ooohed and aaahed at the Google Cultural Institute’s initiative to put us all onstage.  The four Nebraska students participating in this year’s ASA Student Design Competition presented on their projects to date; we are grateful to a number of consultants who have volunteered their time to review the students’ progress throughout the semester, including Dana Hougland (Shen Milson Wilke), Scott Pfeiffer (Threshold Acoustics) and Dennis Paoletti (Paoletti Consulting).  At the April NAG meeting, we reviewed two ‘acoustic nuggets’: a metamaterial-built wall and a necklace device that ‘hears’ your eating!  Ah, modern innovation… We’re looking forward to the end of the school year and are planning to celebrate at Defy Gravity: indoor trampoline park!

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