NAG meetings in Fall 2017

The 2017-18 academic year is halfway over now, but the Nebraska Acoustics Group (NAG) has been meeting regularly throughout last fall.  Highlights from the fall’s meetings are provided here.  At the Sept. 8 NAG meeting, Anna Catton gave an update on her MS research, investigating how subjective localization is impacted when using virtual sources compared to physical sources.  We also checked out a recent acoustic nugget on ‘How Scientists Turned a Flag into a Loudspeaker’!  The next monthly meeting on Oct. 13 featured Jon Weber as he presented on his most recent hospital acoustics measurements and analyses.  The acoustic nugget at that meeting discussed the recent insight: “Light Has Been Stored as Sound for the First Time”.  Finally at the Nov. 10 meeting,  Sam Underwood presented on his analyses of data to calculate the bias, reproducibility, and repeatability of sound power measurement methods.  An oldy-but-goodie acoustic nugget on ‘The Science of Scary Screams‘ brought out laughs among the group!

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