NAG Meetings 1-28-15 and 2-11-15

At our first NAG meeting of the year on 1-28-15, Joonhee Lee presented our newly acquired Larson Davis 831 sound level meters to the group – what an improvement over the 824s!  We had two acoustic nuggets, one youtube video (oldie but goodie) showing what an iPhone recorded inside a guitar and the other on Trevor Cox’s recently published text “The Sound Book“.  Madeline Davidson also shared the amazing Cycloramic iPhone app, as featured on the TV show Shark Tank (you must try it).  At our 2-11-15 NAG meeting, Matt Blevins discussed work that he’s been conducting on optimizing transmission loss of metamaterials using genetic algorithms.  We again had two acoustic nuggets to share.  The first from Matt Easlon shows how there are now techniques to create earmolds without touching your ears.  Joonhee Lee shared one that he recently found on how the architect of the new Philharmonie de Paris is boycotting the opening of his hall, stating that it is not complete (because of lack of acoustical tuning among other things!)  Here’s a link to a great panoramic view of that space.

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